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Concept of Ez Math program is completely based on Self Learning . We take a Base Line assessment for the child at the very beginning to get to know about the child’s current situation. Then we provide customized worksheets as per child’s level.

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Best part of Ez Math program is it very time efficient . It only requires 15 minutes of worksheets daily to master Math. Learning Math becomes absolute fun in those 15 minutes and your child become a Math champion by solving EZ Math Worksheets daily at his own pace.

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Weekly Evaluation is done for the child by our coach and detailed report is provided to the parents’s and child after every week. On the basis of performance of child every week , customized worksheets are provided for the next week followed with Evaluation.

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Assessment of child’s performance is done after every week and on the basis of performance level of worksheets is upgraded . Better performance leads to upgradation in level of worksheets which in turn brings lot of exciting awards for the child.

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Well performing child are given exciting rewards . Ez Math Program believes self learning is the most effective way to acquire knowledge and hence we enrich the process of self learning with lot of exciting rewards .

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Ez Math program provides doorstep delivery of Worksheets. We value parent’s and child’s time , therefore to overcome the hassle of going to some centre for some program or worksheets , hence we provide door step delivery of worksheets.