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360 Learning programme emphasizes the value of self learning starting from individual learner assessment to  step-by-step improvement procedure. A comprehensive and a more cognitive approach of learning is adopted as opposed to the traditional teaching methods.

360 Learning believes that each child has a different  level of understanding and aims for an overall development through a continuous series of  worksheets that are carefully designed by our experts.

Ez Math and Ez English programs for kids are designed efficiently to minimize the  gap between the teacher and the child. All the  worksheets are carefully created, drafted and customised to suit individual child’s needs by keenly monitoring their progress on a regular basis.

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Benefits Of EZ-Maths & English Worksheets

Ez-Math & English worksheets help the child develop their math logic & english communication skills with custom made worksheets through everyday practice

Helps Ace Any Exam

With the optimized learning techniques in EZ Math & English, each concept of logic & language are deciphered to children with great understanding which helps them ace any exam.

Cultivates Joy Of Self Learning

A lesson self learnt is always constructive than that taught by others. EZMath & EZEnglish develops the skill of self-learning in children which enriches their ability to understand the concepts more effectively.

Time Management Skills

EZ Math & English helps in learning Effective time management skills which helps child perform better & ace their exams

Improves Logical and communication Skills

The innovative and interactive worksheets given to children makes Math & English learning much more fun filled and interesting while improving their logic & reasoning skills

Perfection With Practice

“Practice Makes Perfect” This proverbial holds truth with our focus set on performance and perfection, your child will develop a better view of themselves and their ability to grow by practicing with our worksheets

Improves Academic performance

Boost your childs academic performance through our worksheets crafted by well experienced teachers

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What parents have to say about 360 Learning !

It has been 4 weeks since our child started working out the EZ Math worksheets and we have seen great improvement in her logical approach of mathematical problems. She works daily for 15 minutes on the worksheets and we are happy that she remains focused and interested in doing math.

Father: Lokesh Saxena

Child: Dhwani Saxena (Level: 5)

EZ Math has proved to be very useful for our child. She never had a liking towards practicing mathematics. But now she is very interested in working out the problems in EZ Math worksheets. We wish to complete the 25 week course and are sure that our child will get a good understanding of the concepts by the end of the program.

Father: Sunil Kumar Swain

Child: Rithwik Swain (Level: 1)

EZ MATH program is an interesting approach to teach children a difficult subject like Mathematics. I have subscribed for the program for both my kids. They like the interactive worksheets and are also ambitious to get the rewards from EZ MATH.

Father: Anand Raj Sankla

Child: Shree Dev Sankla (Level: 1)

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