What is the difference between a School Learning & 360 Learning Program?

360 Learning programme advocates the value of self learning which starts with individual learner assessment followed by step-by-step improvement procedure. This approach to learning is more cognitive and is much ahead of the conventional data entry teaching methods.

When is the right time to start 360 Learning Program?

360 Learning could as well be pursued alongside one’s own school curriculum, even without feeling the least of stress. Hence one can enroll the child at any time of the year.

How does the child get benefitted with this program?

Cultivate the joy of self- learning, discipline, and time management skills.

Progress at their own pace.

“Improvement by Ability” but not by age and grade.

What will the child learn in 360 Learning Program?

The Learners will learn problem-solving tactics, thereby enabling conceptual learning at an individual level.

What are the additional benefits a child receives?

Personality development and confidence building, among other useful traits are other namely perks that would be gradually inculcated. The parents do not have to manage the learner’s daily activities as they will be habituated to a timely routine. Also, not to worry about the stress during examinations as the learners will be studying every day.

What is the role of a parent?

Every day at home learner will take 20 minutes per subject to complete the worksheets, the parent just needs to assist the child.

Does anybody else are offering this Self- Learning program?

360 Learning is India’s First Skill Improvement Programme designed to identify a student’s areas of improvement, and in due course it boosts their proficiency.

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